Easy Tips For Enjoying the Holidays This Year

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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training Holiday Enjoyment

These are my personal recommendations for maximum holiday enjoyment, both in business and with family:

Do not use auto-reply telling people you’re out of the office for the holidays. Either respond, or let them sit until you return. If I send you an email, I don’t really care where you are or what you are doing.

Send cards that are saved. Go to Ace of Sales and send email holiday cards that rock. Thank your customers. Don’t just wish them well.

Change impersonal to personal. I want a card signed by people, not a printed corporate name at the bottom.

Spend as much time as you can playing with kids. They relax you and bring you back to a less stressful time. They also tell you what’s next. Remember a few years ago when they were texting and you weren’t? Ask them what’s new. Then start doing it as soon as you can.

Get together with the people closest to you and tell them how grateful you are that they’re in your life. Trade some memories. Tell them you love them. Offer some new ideas.

Stay positive. Stay sober. And stay focused on family, not just football.

Make peace with at least one person. There’s someone you’ll see during the season that’s not your favorite. Talk it out and make it a better relationship. You’ll feel great.

Be your own Santa Claus. Make a list of gifts to buy, and put yourself at the TOP. Buy yourself something nice. Something you really want. Celebrate your past year and set the tone for next year.

Select a local children’s charity and give them some books. As long as we’re talking Santa, be a real one.

Select a local children’s hospital and visit with small gifts. You’ll feel way better than the children you visited. (And they will feel great!)

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