Gitomer Cliff Notes – Goal Achievement

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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training Goal Achievement

So, here for your “I have no time” enjoyment, are the Gitomer Cliff Notes – the new classic goal achievement method:

• Ask yourself. Why do I want this? Am I willing to work hard for it?

• Make yourself. Select two big goals, and several smaller goals.

• Visually discipline yourself. Write down your goals and post them up where you can see them daily. Tell yourself daily that you are on the path to achievement and that it won’t be long now.

• Hang yourself. If your goal is something you want or want to be (car, computer, vacation, thin person, new clothes) hang a picture of your goal in the bathroom, in your bedroom, or by your office desk.

• Project yourself. If your targets are in front of you it makes it easy to hit them. Being able to hit the targets depends on your focus. The clearer your focus, the more likely you are to hit a bulls eye.

• Commit yourself. If you don’t emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually commit yourself to achieve, it is likely you will not.

• Satisfy yourself. Achieving a goal is incredibly self-satisfying. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment, purpose and the inspiration to set out and achieve the next goal.

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