10.5 Presentation Tips

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1. Get audience ready – the content, the humor, the speed of delivery, the tone, the gesture, the passion, the familiarity, the story, the conciseness, the punch. (Clue: Know the audience before you start, pre-question some of the attendees, or die.)

2. Ask yourself eight questions…

• What’s my time limit?
• Is this the most compelling message I can create?
• What’s the point? What will compel me to act?
• Am I clear, is my message clear?
• Is my delivery the best it can be?
• Would I buy?
• What do I want the audience to do when I’m done?
• What do I want them to say to me (about me) when it’s over?

3. Practice in front of people not afraid to criticize you.

4. Record a practice session. If you listen to the audio and say to yourself “That sucks,” that’s what the audience will hear. That’s you – fix it.

5. Listen to your recording as often as you can stand it. Memorize and know where you need emphasis. Know what sounds stupid – cut that out.

6. Practice it as though you were giving it. Rehearse for real every time.

7. If your family or friends think you’re nuts – you’re on the right track.

8. Get an evaluator before you start each talk.

9. Video the actual presentation.

10. Watch the video twice. Make a list of “never do that again” and carry it with you for three years.

10.5 Join toastmasters

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