Jeffrey Gitomer Answers A Question On Cold Calling | Real World Sales Wisdom

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Your boss hates when people cold call him, yet he requires you to make cold calls every day. Here’s what you do:


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  1. In the interest of full disclosure I have spent the last twenty plus years in the outbound (what used to be called “cold calling”) business. Jeffrey, you are right that sales reps should not cold call. They don’t like to do it and they are no good at it. Marketing should not cold call. They don’t like to do it and they are no good at it. If fact, nobody should be cold calling. Having said that, nobody should be calling customers and depending on referrals to earn a living and meet their quota. Nobody should be sitting around waiting for inbound responses, hoping that enough of them come in to meet quota. As with anything else in the world, there has to be a balance. If you are the CEO or Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing for your company, I strongly recommend that you do not wait for your top 20% prospects to reach out to you. If you do it is most likely that they won’t reach out to you. They may never find you, or they may never score enough points in your marketing automation system (the human equivalent of a pinball machine) and they have more than likely are already in the “win” column for a more nimble vendor/partner. Best case you will receive an RFP that has already won by that competitor. If you are all in on referrals and/or inbound marketing (there is an epidemic of “inbounditus” right now), the chances are you are going to be out of larger, more strategic and more profitable deals. Balance, Jeffrey… balance!

  2. Cody Jensen says:

    I never thought the day would come that the author of the “Sales Bible” Jeffrey Gitomer would say that Cold calls are ineffective. Sad Day. You have been a leader in my life in the sales world and have truly let me down. I sell computer software and I understand that no one likes a cold call, which is why we as sales people have to set ourselves apart from all the rest. I completely disagree with what was taught in this blog. I make sales via cold calling everyday. It is part of my regular income. Obviously it’s not an ideal gate to a sales lead, but still wow……talk about betrayal.

  3. David Petersen says:

    I work out of a call center. I will say that Mr. Gitomer is right. He is also a huge role-model for me and my peers. I live for his books and the results that I do get from them. Nobody likes a cold call asking for a sale period. Most of the time you get a no. I feel that at the bare minimum keep it simple. Make it a service call or ask for a invite. I work for a service provider and we have alot of addon services however I found it easier to know your product and tailor problems around it if they have any. Everyone hates cold calling and everyone hates to be bothered. I believe in referrals 100% and those of you who dont like them. Email me and give me a job at your company and let me work those referrals. I would love to show you how great referrals are.

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