It’s not about RESPONSE. It’s about PREVENTION.

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You go through your ENTIRE one-hour, amazing sales presentation. You nailed it. The prospect seemed to be in agreement, even excited at times. He or she has all the logical and emotional reasons to buy, but at the end of your pitch says, “Sounds great. I need to think it over for a few days.”


Now what? Say something? Use a worn out sales technique? Agree and leave? Offer to call back or come back in a few days? Meanwhile you’re pissed off, you’re off balance, and about to make a bad choice – PLUS you’re mentally blaming the customer for his indecisiveness. Relax.

I’m about to share 2.5 definitive answers to this age-old sales barrier:

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  1. Great post JG…I read a lot of your material, and this particular post is something that I’ve been working on with my team for a long time…getting past the objections long before they ever come up. SO TRUE Thanks!

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