It’s A New Year!

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Here are a couple things you should resolve to do in the coming year that will allow you (and me) to over succeed and over achieve:

1. Allocate your time in 30-minute segments. This gives you a full understanding of whether your time is being “spent” or “invested.

2. Take at least two of your allocated segments (one hour) and dedicate them to writing each day. Writing will clarify your thoughts, and help you find and solidify a clear (or clearer) direction.

3. Learn to use business social media by becoming actively involved. Build your reputation AND your personal brand.

4. Visit your top 10 customers before the month of January is over, and talk to them about why they do business with you, and what they’re looking to achieve in the coming year. Ask for (earn) business in January.

5. Make a secret list of the big things you are looking to accomplish over the next few years, not necessarily just this year. Maybe it’s to write a book, maybe travel to certain places, or maybe to get a bigger house. Whatever it is, write it down. Somehow written things become more solid in your mind that just thoughts.

5.5 Make plans to celebrate, not just achieve. I have found that celebrating an achievement confirms and affirms the reward in your mind. Not just “I did it,” but also, “I’m proud that I did it.” That celebration will lead you to the next.

So here we are, the day after New Years, and you are thinking, “Why is Gitomer giving me a cold slap in the face my first day back on the job?”

ANSWER: Someone has to…otherwise you may wait until February or March. (Further (gentle) slaps in the face will be available weekly in this publication or my weekly email magazine, Sales Caffeine.)

But between now, and then, and every day, I thank you for being my customer, and for your continued loyalty. Happy, healthy, wealthy New Year!


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