Is Your Quota Set Too High?

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Most salespeople think that their quota is set too high, that their sales plan has been set at an unrealistic level. Big mistake. Find out what you need to spend time figuring out:

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  1. I have worked for the past few years for companies that set quotas at unrealistically high levels. I was the only rep hitting quota at one and I only fully hit quota the first time after 3+ years of building my pipleline and adding referral agents along the way. After 5 years no one new could even compete with me, and were very discouraged. And I was being asked to share my emails, techniques, and help newer reps, without the title of manager. This led to a lot of resentment. I don’t like training my own competition. Naturally, after we got to profitability, the company that bought us fired everyone, even the top sales reps.

    I have also seen variants where companies have a few reps who have survived a few years and who occasionally get close to quota, or exceed it during new budget cycles, and then die off for the rest of the year. The latest has had so much turnover and is in a niche market, so every time a rep gets canned the remaining reps pick over their accounts for anything good and leave the junk to the new reps being brought in. New reps feel like the accounts they are told to call into have been thoroughly burned out, and the older reps who have survived aren’t letting go of anything worth keeping. It sucks to be told that someone else is doing well when they got to filter all the good accounts before you got there. Not only that, the sales manager has to sell as well, so she gets first crack at all the leads and accounts, leading to much unspoken resentment.

    The bottom line is quotas should be set at attainable levels for good reps, otherwise everyone just gives up a little and just does enough to stay around, or burns out quickly trying to keep their jobs and failing through no fault of their own. Throw in know-it-all bosses and you have a typical sales job these days.

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