Have You Heard Me Speak? If So, Write a Review For Me!

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Have you heard me speak? If so, I’d like to personally invite you to write a review about me on my new SpeakerWiki profile. Here is what you will see when you visit my new profile:

Please consider taking a few minutes to write a review about me. Did I challenge you? What did I say that made you change the way you do things? What was the most valuable piece of information I gave you?  I would love to read your comments. To write your review now, click here.

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  1. Been in sales for over 35 years and have heard them all! Jeff’s the most effective trainer by a long shot that, I’ve ever heard! And he keeps evolving with fresh, pertinent stuff!

  2. Neil Chadwick says:

    Inspirational, I have used Jeffreys videos for those Mondays when the moan factor is coming over the horizon or whenever i fell myself slipping into the blame game, his words and the thought patterns they have led me to I can honestly say are the 10% differential in my sales this year versus last. Essential stuff for sales professionals helped me to kick my own ass and stay focused on giving value to my prospects FIRST!

  3. Jeffrey is the real deal. He cares. It’s not what he says, it’s what he has done. How he has done it. He makes sales cool again. And the results we saw were amazing–all five of us who attended killed it last quarter.

    In trying times for the “hotel” industry, Jeffrey taught us secrets that have placed us on a different tier from the competition.

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