Fulfillment Goal and Fulfillment Gold

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Everyone wants to be affirmed. You may call it a pat on the back or a way to go, for me, I want people to tell me that they own my books, they have read my books, have implemented my strategies, and as the result have become more successful. That is my fulfillment goal and my fulfillment gold. Here is an email that I received yesterday that is an example of just that:

Subject: I willingly overpaid 500% for the Sales Bible!  And Excited about it too!

While recently attending a Church Fundraising Event, I came across a first edition Sales Bible in the book sale aisle.  They were asking $2 for hardcover books.  I gladly gave them the $10 Bill I had left in my pocket and ran to put it in the car!

This hidden treasure appears to be unread.  It’s a full-size edition (not like my existing Little Book of Sales Bible).  It still has all the business sized hint cards in the back.  I can only feel a tad sorry for the original owner who just couldn’t find the time in his schedule to begin changing his career and life.  I know I discovered Jeffrey’s methods way too late in my career and long to turn back the clock.

It now proudly sits on my desk, high above my other “Little Books” to remind me that the next time my wife asks me to attend a Garage Sale or Fundraiser I’ll run to the car.


Those are the types of emails I love to get. It certainly made my day.

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