For the love of sales, not the love of money

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Do you love sales?

Do you love what you do?

Do you love your product?

Do you love your company?

Do you love your customers?

These are not questions I pulled out of the air. These are questions that directly affect your productivity, your attitude, your income, your success, and your fulfillment-not to mention your longevity at your present job.

Many salespeople are reluctant to come to grips with WHY they are in sales and WHY they are in their present job. Some salespeople will respond, “I’m in it for the money.” Some will respond, “I need the money.” Others will respond, “I have bills to pay and debt to overcome.” And even more will say, “I have a family.” What you won’t hear is: “I haven’t saved enough to do what I really want to do.” And, unfortunately, even less are willing to take the risk.

If you don’t love what you do, you’re doing no one a favor by staying in your present position. Your attitude and morale will be negative, you’ll be complaining about everything, and you’ll be blaming everyone else and their dog for your unhappiness and inadequacy.

And there’s a bonus: Your boss will be all over you to increase your numbers. Your customers will be upset about your lack of attention. In general, you will rise to a level of mediocrity.

What are you thinking?

Some salespeople hate their job, but stay because they “make a lot of money.” CLUE: The worst reason to keep a job is because you’re making a lot of money. When money is your motive, it’s all about making the sale without regard to building the relationship-a formula for long-term disaster.

Oh, you may have some short-term success, but when you’re home at night, you’ll be drowning your misery in television, beer, and anything but preparation for the next day.

You can get away with this behavior for a short time, but in the end, you’ll be looking in the “Help Wanted” section of the Sunday paper or posting your resume online, hoping for a better opportunity.

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