How Do You Find Qualified Salespeople?

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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Answers


I am a devoted reader of your weekly e-zine, and a fellow Phillies fan. I’m not a salesperson by title, but as GM turned entrepreneur, selling is a vital skill, and your insightful information is greatly appreciated, not to mention “it just makes sense.”

My strengths are more on the production and supply side, so I was wondering if you had any advice on how to find qualified sales people in specific industries. I have several products that I’d like to develop sales channels for, but I’m not sure where to begin effectively.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


Qualified salespeople are already working someplace else. You must attract them with:

• reputation
• range of salary and incentives
• social proof you’re great

Look for people in related industries or directly at your competition. Ask your vendors. Ask your customers who they love to buy from. Search LinkedIn by keyword to see who may be “looking for career offers.”

Go Phillies!


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