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There are eight personal barriers to a sale.

These barriers are caused by YOU either before, during, or after the sale.

There are no remedies offered here — these are only offered as a reality check. When a sale is stalled or lost, it may be that the reason is below.

• The customer doesn’t like you.

• The customer doesn’t trust you.

• The customer doesn’t believe you.

• The customer doesn’t have confidence in you.

• The customer doesn’t like, trust or have confidence in your product.

• The customer doesn’t like, trust or have confidence in your company.

• The customer has had a previous bad experience with your product or your company.

• The customer has heard of a previous bad experience with your product or your company (and believed it).

I recommend that you list the last five sales you lost. Write the main reason or two you THINK you lost each one. Then compare your reason to this list and see if the reason you THOUGHT you lost the sale was a symptom or a result, caused by one of the eight barriers listed above.

I hope this list helps as much as it hurts.

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  1. The customer likes me, loves me product, has used my company before and enjoyed our service…but I am in danger of losing his business due to a competitor undercutting me on price. What’s my next move?

    • kthiruselvam says:

      GET CLOSER. Re enforce values and benefits of your products. Mail a new article about your product from a third party. Can he help you find 2 or 3 new customers? Having found (provided yourself/ your product and services are good) that 2 or 3 new people for you, he would not want o shift to another provider.
      Do not belittle the competitor, but be aware of their product shortcomings for time of need.
      Some products get purchased on price and some on values. What group do you fall in? Price war has been there for centuries and when you have lost in price war……………… keep in touch for strangely enough they will come back again. Any other thoughts from readers?

    • How about developing a testimonial from existing customers who bought from you even though you weren’t the cheapest price?

      Or explaining that although you aren’t the lowest price, you offer the best overall value? Do they get much more than they pay for?

  2. kthiruselvam says:

    A good possible eight. What about choice of wrong target customers (prospects) who cannot afford; has no need for product/service and also the possibility that he never understood all that was said, besides his inability (powerless) to decide.

  3. The thing I like about Jeffrey is how he always keeps it simple, while exposing massive truths. Nailed it again.


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