Drain Your Brain At The End of The Day

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“I couldn’t sleep at all last night.”

That’s the first line of the 1958 song, “Tossin’ and Turnin'” by Bobby Lewis and one of the biggest laments among salespeople (and regular people). Ever “lose sleep” over a problem or person? Why?

Stress and worry seem to be major occurrences in life. Got stress? Got worry? Here are the early warning signals:

WHINING: Things aren’t going alright. Wah, wah. (A brother to lamenting: Woe is me.)

WINING: Drinking to forget or drinking to “relax.”

COMPLAINING: Looking at what’s wrong with things and people.

BLAMING: It’s always someone else’s fault. “I’d be a millionaire today if it weren’t for those other jerks.”

CYNICISM: Always a snide remark at the success of others or the condition of the world.

SHORT FUSE: Loose temper that creates negative energy and blocks creative thought.

TYLENOL P.M.: A weak excuse as a remedy for “I can’t get a good night’s sleep.

“Reduce stress” and “eliminate worry” are the wrong philosophies. Converting the negative energy of stress to a positive energy is the correct philosophy. That way, instead of going to sleep with problems, you go to sleep with peace and a clear mind, and you wake up with solutions.

The stress you have is part of your “struggle” — a natural occurrence in your drive for success. But stress and worry are choices. Your choices. Your mind has thoughts, and they either show up as stress, and worry, or you harness the same energy and convert the thoughts into resolve.

Most people lose sleep over matters of unfinished business, money, and passion. MONEY NOTE: When money is tight, you will focus on money 30% of the time–or more. When money is not tight, you focus on success and eventually fulfillment.

NOTE WELL: Fulfillment and success are mutually exclusive. There are a bunch of successful, unfulfilled (negative) people.

Me? I’m asleep in two minutes or less every night. I wake up refreshed every day. I don’t “have to have my coffee” in the morning. I never worry about what I have to do or what loose ends there are. I’m always prepared for the new day, AND I get my best ideas in the morning – writing, reading, walking, jogging, or in the shower. And you can, too!

BIG SECRET: Three words—write everything down.

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