Celebrating the Sale | Jeffrey Gitomer | Real World Sales Advice

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When you make a sale you celebrate. That’s okay for a minute or two. Then what? What are you doing for that customer after the sale has been completed? How are you installing? What value messages are you creating? How are you helping them use? What are you doing for your customer take would make them loyal, referable, testimonial-able, and talking about you on a word-of-mouth basis about how cool you are to other potential customers? The answer is normally not enough or nothing. Most salespeople make a sale, celebrate for an hour, go have a beer, and then go try to make another one. Big mistake! Every customer that you have has two things in common: 

1. They all bought your stuff.

2. They all know other people who could potentially buy your stuff.

Why aren’t you sticking around and building deep relationships with them, maybe even giving them a referral, to try to earn something back for yourself? The easiest person to make a sale with is someone who has already bought. Whether they buy more from you or they refer someone to you. And that customer, once you develop a deep enough, value-based relationship, will also give you a testimonial that you could put up on your YouTube channel – which you probably don’t have. And oh, it’s free. My challenge to you is to think about the sales that you’ve already made, think about the last 10 sales that you’ve made, and think about what you could be doing for that person that would not only earn you more business from them, but would earn you referrals from them – referrals that you have earned based on the value that you have provided.

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