The Gitomer Files Offer Extended!


I have no choice but to extend the Gitomer Files offer... So many people were away for the holiday. So many people missed the deadline. So many people entered the wrong promo code. So many people called and emailed. And some of you didn't even know the offer existed. The Gitomer Files, my … [Read more...]

What Are Gitomer Power Lessons? What's a power lesson? 3 words - short, sweet, meat. 5 minutes worth of a sales idea that's easy to understand, easy to agree with and easy to take out into the street and turn into money, 1 minute after you learn it. No theory, no fluff, just immediately useable … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question about Creating Loyalty | Sales Training

RSS readers click here for video. You can invest in some marketing program to reach new people - or you can invest in giving your existing customers the best service possible, and let THEM find new people for you. ~Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales … [Read more...]

Selling Is Harmonizing | Sales Tips

RSS readers click here for video. … [Read more...]

Become a Gitomer Certified Advisor!

RSS readers click here for video. The Gitomer certified advisor program is the most complete, diverse, real world, content rich program of it's kind -- it is the only program that combines classroom and state of the art online training and reinforcement. A lot of people asking about the … [Read more...]

Self Education Will Earn You a Fortune | Jeffrey’s Sales Tips

RSS readers click here for video. What is selling about? Let me give you the non-sales skills version. It is the version that leads to buying. These are the life skills that will help you rise to the top. None of them are about "how to close the sale." All of them are about how to be a success … [Read more...]

Advertising Brings Awareness, Testimonials Bring Customers | Sales Tips


RSS readers click here for video. Why not try something you hardly ever do? ASK FOR THE SALE A FEW TIMES BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Here are a few "friendly" ways to ask:  I'll call you at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. If you're not there, I'll just go ahead and enter the order. Do you really want me to … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question about “Touching Base” | Sales Training

RSS readers click here for video. "Added value” is a phrase that makes my blood pressure rise. Don’t add value, GIVE value. Big difference. Adding implies you have to “buy to get.” Giving means the customer receives BEFORE buying. Give value – don’t add value. MY MARKETING PHILOSOPHY and … [Read more...]