Are you the “Toast” of your meetings?

I’m gave a 10-minute talk at Toastmasters in NYC last month. Subject? Humor – what it is, how to create it, and how to use it. I was challenged to help the club members (who all have humor as the basis of their speaking) find new ways and new ideas to make their audience laugh and engag … [Read more...]

What do you do when workplace “change” happens?

For most people, “change” is a mixture of what was, what used to be, what is present, what I’m being faced with now, what I believe the future holds, and what I have to change to face that future. In short, how does this change affect me, my family, my lifestyle, and my position? That’s a hell of a … [Read more...]

Are you making sales or measuring sales activity?

The amount of time management spends measuring sales activity and salespeople (or dumber, the ROI of some investment they made in CRM), is generally wasted effort. The same amount of time could be invested in making millions of dollars worth of sales if the salesperson was just pointed in the … [Read more...]

Now is the time to rise up, be counted, and kick butt.

For years big corporations ruled the world, and the business world – not any more. Most of them are hurting – wounded – dying – or dead. Big banks, big homebuilders, big auto makers, big newspapers, big stock brokerages, and other “big” companies are under water or treading fast. The only thing si … [Read more...]

Best Books to Improve Leadership | Leadership Tips

RSS readers click here. REALITY: Every single person in every single company is either in sales or affects sales. Every single person in every single company is either in service or affects service. There’s an old business adage that goes: “Everyone is in sales.” The reality is that only sale … [Read more...]

Get your tickets TODAY to see Jeffrey Live in Greeneville, TN

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Jeffrey Gitomer – Named one of the Top Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2013

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Jeffrey Gitomer | Live in Orlando

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my new book, The 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling: Proven Actions You Must Take to Make Easier, Faster, Bigger Sales...NOW and Forever! Along with the release of the book, I will be doing a select-city book & seminar tour. First Stop: … [Read more...]