Dream your way to sales success… all day long.

Daydream is the BEGINNING of a journey, an act, a goal, a fantasy. The most important part of daydream is to do it. And take note of it. Not just as whimsical, but as a possibility of what might be. What could be. When should you daydream? Well, this is just my own theory, based on my own life’s j … [Read more...]

The Gitomer Files Offer Extended!

I have no choice but to extend the Gitomer Files offer... So many people were away for the holiday. So many people missed the deadline. So many people entered the wrong promo code. So many people called and emailed. And some of you didn't even know the offer existed. The Gitomer Files, my … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 7 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 16: Discover the Why CHALLENGE This is the most complex of all laws because it has so many aspects, applications, and requires deep answers. Why are you doing what you do? Why are you willing to risk? Why not? Why are your earnings where they are? Why aren’t they higher? Why do … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 12 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 11: Ask Before You Tell CHALLENGE Questions are the heart of the sale. Questions convert “selling” to “buying.” Questions uncover facts, needs, motives, emotions, and will lead you to a sale 100 times faster than making your presentation. Knowing this, you’d assume that all sale … [Read more...]

The Countdown for The Laws Book is HERE | 16 Days and Counting…

Unbreakable Law 7: Be Assertive and Persistent CHALLENGE The age-old question in sales is: "Should I, or shouldn't I?" This question refers to almost every action a salesperson might take, but it is especially common in the areas of leaving a message, asking for the sale, or when is the best … [Read more...]

The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you!

The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you! Yesterday I talked about the power of sales success and gave you the first ten personal powers you need to possess in order to have all of the sales success you desire. As a professional salesperson, you want more selling power and this two-part a … [Read more...]

The POWER of Sales Success is 100% in Your Control

Every salesperson wants to think of him or herself as powerful but, if asked, would have no idea where their power actually comes from. Most salespeople fail to understand their own power. The reason they don’t is that there is a heavy concentration on what cannot be controlled or what is not b … [Read more...]

Getting Ready to Think! Are You Ready? What Are You Thinking?

I'll be spending the month of August in Paris with my family. I can't describe how wonderful it will be. My goal is to finish a book, take in the culture, enjoy my family, and THINK. Investing time in your thoughts - especially in an amazing place - creates incredible results. More on that later … [Read more...]