Show Me the Value, or I’ll Show You the Door.

  How do you make a sales presentation? No I don’t mean warm up, probe, present, over come objections, close. I mean what’s the big picture of your sales presentation? What’s the content of your sales presentation? And most important how are you certain that you engage your prospect in … [Read more...]

The Gitomer Files Offer Extended!

I have no choice but to extend the Gitomer Files offer... So many people were away for the holiday. So many people missed the deadline. So many people entered the wrong promo code. So many people called and emailed. And some of you didn't even know the offer existed. The Gitomer Files, my … [Read more...]

Are you the “Toast” of your meetings?

I’m gave a 10-minute talk at Toastmasters in NYC last month. Subject? Humor – what it is, how to create it, and how to use it. I was challenged to help the club members (who all have humor as the basis of their speaking) find new ways and new ideas to make their audience laugh and engag … [Read more...]

5 Steps Toward Error-Free Positive Communication

When someone talks to you, updates you on a project, asks you to do something, assigns you a task, has a business communication of any kind or just needs a favor, here is a method that has proven effective in eliminating misunderstandings and errors. 1. Focus on the communicator. • Stop - whatever … [Read more...]

Here is an Example of a Personal Commercial

Let's say I'm the president of a company that sells advertising specialties... Name. "Hi, my name is Jeffrey Gitomer." Company Name. "My company is (I'm the president of) Continental Advertising." Creatively say what you do. "We impact your image, create sales, and ensure repeat business by … [Read more...]

10.5 Presentation Tips

1. Get audience ready - the content, the humor, the speed of delivery, the tone, the gesture, the passion, the familiarity, the story, the conciseness, the punch. (Clue: Know the audience before you start, pre-question some of the attendees, or die.) 2. Ask yourself eight questions... • What’s my t … [Read more...]

When You Walk in Empty Headed, You Walk Out Empty Handed.

How much of your presentation is “standard”? Whether you sell a product or service, whether it’s simple or sophisticated, how much (what percentage) of your presentation is the way you usually present it? Void of personalization? Void of customization? Void of interaction? And all about you. What k … [Read more...]

Do Your People WANT to Listen to You?

I’m at a corporate conference about to give my 90-minute, customized, personalized talk. I spent hours preparing it – as I do all my talks – and I’ve spent the last 20 years improving my speaking, presentation, and performance skills. I’m not just a speaker. I’m a student speaker. Anyway, before my … [Read more...]