The Gitomer Files are Here!


Salespeople are looking for answers. Shortcuts. The silver bullet. Aren’t you? Well, I actually have it. It’s not a bullet, it’s an arsenal of weapons... The Gitomer Files. I’m gonna take you inside my vault, inside my body of work – teleseminars, books, videos, columns, information, knowledge … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Special – Jeffrey Gitomer’s 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling For Only $15


Proven Actions You Must Take to Make Easier, Faster, Bigger Sales…NOW and FOREVER! There are universal laws of selling that determine whether you succeed, or don’t succeed — whether you earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle you want or struggle to make ends meet. When you align the wind with your … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Training – The “I Want to Think It Over” Objection

Here's a question I received recently: Jeffrey, Is there a case that sometimes people do just need to think it over? I bought a car a few months ago, my decision was to buy and I was happy - but sometimes you do just need to reflect, I still bought the car! Ben Here are my thoughts on this: When … [Read more...]

There Are Fireworks Everywhere – Except in Sales


It's 4th of July. All holidays carry with them the same sales stigmas: • No one is in the office. • Everyone is on vacation. • Everyone left early. • People aren't willing to meet with me until after the holiday. • I can't get anyone on the phone. • It's a slow time of the year, I'd rather … [Read more...]

`I’m having a bad day.’ `I’m in a bad mood.’ Get over it!

"I need a hug!" said the voice of a sad salesperson at the other end of the phone. "How can I help?" I asked. "I don't wanna whine, but I need some inspiration. You know, some encouragement. Someone to put some wind in my sails (sales)." Feeling down? Having a bad day? Dealing with the blahs? … [Read more...]

FREE EBOOK – The Little e-Book of Follow Up

If you want to learn something new, all you have to do is study something that was written 100 years ago. … [Read more...]

The LOYALTY solution is real simple.


Not real easy. 1. Change your survey to "loyalty based" questions and responses. In most cases all you need to do is add the words why or how to the front of your existing "customer satisfaction survey." 2. Have the staff necessary to document and discern the information. Your customers will be … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question about Cold Calling via Email | Sales Training

RSS readers click here. SALES TIP: Friendly beats professional every time. It’s always interesting to me to see the word professional when referring to salespeople or sales training. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather deal with a friendly person than a professional person, because I can get along … [Read more...]