Measuring the ROI of Social Media?

There’s a Laugh, and a Joke. I got an (unsolicited) email offering a webinar to teach me about how to measure, and the importance of measuring, the ROI of social media. TOTAL JOKE. And a bad one at that. Social media, business social media, is running wild – with or without you. Your cus … [Read more...]

Follow Up or Follow Through?

The Real Test of a Successful Sales Professional. The average sale takes a matter of hours. And that's where 95% of sales training is focused. Not good. After a customer purchases, that's when USE of product or service begins, and that's where 95% of their time is spent. • What are you doing t … [Read more...]

How I Actually Make Sales with Social Media

  Over the last 5 years, I've worked with countless social media and PR firms to build a sales-effective brand on social media. They promised everything - more followers, more connections, more sales, but when it came down to it, they couldn't deliver -- in spite of their efforts, … [Read more...]

Join My Free Webinar with Sally Hogshead Tomorrow

There’s only one more day to sign up for your chance to sit in on a conversation between me and #1 Wall Street Journal/#2 NY Times Bestselling Author, Sally Hogshead. If you’ve ever wondered how you can stand out as a valuable member of your team at work or leverage the strengths of your per … [Read more...]

Makeover Your Business in 2014

You can listen absolutely FREE via the web on your computer or phone! Register by Monday, January 13th, and get the free bonuses! Click here for details on how to makeover your business in 2014! … [Read more...]

Be Inspired by the Top Minds in Sales

Get an MBA in Sales Leadership in One Day What are your organization’s biggest sales challenges? Get answers to your toughest questions from the top minds in sales at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit on June 20. This exciting online trade show features 62 sales experts, including 11 well-known a … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer – Win Now Webinar

Are you ready to gain a greater share of sales in a leaner, meaner marketplace...NOW? In our first live webinar of 2013, you will learn: - Why THE economy isn't YOUR economy - The real reason you may be struggling - How to change the way you make sales, and your numbers - What steps you … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer’s First Live Webinar of 2013!

You have to take pride in your achievements and your accomplishments. That pride, that ownership, and that responsibility will lead you to the next achievement. … [Read more...]