10.5 Steps to Build a Referral Alliance

This process came about by accident. I was doing a lot of business with a trademark attorney, registering various words and slogans for my publishing business. As our relationship matured and we became better friends, I began to refer clients from my marketing consulting practice to him for … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Answers a Question about Referral Sources | Sales Training

RSS readers click here. Here are the TOP 6.5 referral EARNING strategies: 1. Deliver memorable service. It's simple. Be friendly and helpful, and give positive response. 2. Be available. Make it easy to do business with you and anyone else in your company 24/7/365. 3. Be a consistent … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Gitomer in The Wall Street Journal – Why Divas Need Make No Apology

"About a dozen times a year, strangers invite Jeffrey Gitomer to lunch, hoping to ask him for career or business advice. Mr. Gitomer, a sales consultant, speaker and author, is always happy to help: "Sure, no problem. I'll even buy lunch," he tells the entrepreneurs and small-business owners who … [Read more...]

WTF… Webinar Totally Free?

YES! 100% Free to you (and your boss, and your co-worker, and your best customer, friend and dog!) We are excited to announce that our webinars are now available on-demand, so excited you can watch one on us. Click here to watch Prove It: Testimonials that Sell through our webinar hosting … [Read more...]

Want to have a great reputation? Earn it!

Your reputation precedes you. Your reputation creates or destroys sales. What's yours?   1. Become known for doing everything you said you would do - on time or sooner. To have any prayer for a reputation you must be known as a person who does, and delivers, what you promise. Without this … [Read more...]

Upcoming Webinar, PROVE IT: Testimonials that Sell

When you say something about yourself, it's bragging. When other people say it about you, it's proof. That is the essence of the testimonial. In this brand new webinar you'll learn: How to create powerful testimonials Why video is the new testimonial format Overcoming your … [Read more...]

What are you learning? How are you learning?

How are you taking advantage of your knowledge? I have been a student of sales since November 11, 1971. I was listening (via the brand new voice technology called the "cassette tape") to a guy named Jay Douglas Edwards, who uttered the sales tip, "If the customer says, ‘Do these come in green?' y … [Read more...]

“What Should I Say When The Customer Calls And He’s Mad As Hell?”

Anything except, "I'm sorry!" You can say, "I apologize," but that's not what the customer is looking for. You can begin to tell your story about what happened, but that's not what the customer is looking for. The customer is looking for two things: They want to know that you care about them … [Read more...]