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The Gitomer certified advisor program is the most complete, diverse, real world, content rich program of it’s kind — it is the only program that combines classroom and state of the art online training and reinforcement.

A lot of people asking about the three-day certification training. Everyone will be able to attend because we are making it over a weekend, or close to a weekend. When you ask? Well, for the first time ever, I am going to announce the dates and location. And you can take your pick of the dates most convenient for you.

The first session will be October 24-27, here in Charlotte, North Carolina. (not Halloween weekend — that’s the next weekend). The second session, also in charlotte, will be December 5-8.

During that three-day period of time you’re going to learn a lot of things, but let me give you a brief overview:

• You’re going to learn the course content, strategies, and delivery techniques
• You’re going to learn marketing and sales for the classroom courses
• And you’re going to learn the Jeffrey Gitomer law of attracting qualified customers, getting emails and connections from people that want you – and getting your phone to ring with people that want to buy form you.
• I am personally going to provide you with a sales presentation that will have both emotional and intellectual content, and create compelling reasons for the prospect or the probable purchaser to BUY.
• And I am going to show you the overall possibilities of earning a rapid return on your investment, the ROI, by selling our incredible online course offerings. And how subscription sales multiply income.

And, keep in mind that as a Gitomer certified advisor, you’re going to be representing my name, you’re going to be representing my credibility, you’re going to be representing my twenty year track record of success, you’re going to be representing my real world proven content, and you’re going to be representing The Little Red Book of Selling, the best-selling sales book of all time.

The credibility that you walk in with, in your own Gitomer certified advisor business, will be off the chart. You’ll be immediately accepted – just like I am.

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