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• Turn the news upside down – If the news guy says, “The housing market is off 33%” – look at the positive side if the SAME STATEMENT —  5,000,000 homes will be sold this year.

• Invest, don’t spend – time and money – you decide how you will react, respond, and recover. Invest in reading, not watching TV.

• Start early, end late, work your ass off in the middle, and get ready when you’re done – build your value package at night

• Don’t be “in” your market, DOMINATE it!

• Plant seeds, plant trees – make every action and every step you take a growth one – and don’t just water – fertilize.

• Create your attitude environment at work and at home.

• Get in the car and listen to learn. Get home and read to succeed.

• Network for others and yourself – 5 hours a week, help others build their business so that you can grow yours.

• Buy flowers for your office. Smell the roses is not a phrase, it’s a state of mind.

• Quit your whining. No one wants to be around you, much less listen to you when you do.

“I think I can. I think I can.”- The Little Engine That Could, Author Watty Piper 1930

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  1. Always my hero…even when I’m not selling directly we sell ourselves everyday, right Jeff? Your mixture of insights, humanity and humor make your Sales Caffeine email the first I read.
    BTW, remember Robert Fulghum (All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten) — that would be great reading (or listening if available) and enrich your experience even moreso.
    Also, people tell me I look like you. Is that good?

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