Attitude In. Attitude Out.

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Attitude In. Attitude Out.

(That’s the Real 360.)

Attitude is at the core of success—yours first! If you’re a leader that’s looking to succeed and leave a legacy of achievement and accolade, then you may want to start higher than your goals and aspirations to uncover the way to make those aspirations a reality.

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel?

When you get to your place of work, how do you feel?

When you greet members of your team, what is your tone?

When you conduct a meeting, what is your tone?


Here are the attitude questions to ask yourself:

  • How are my people affected by my feelings and tones?
  • How do my feelings and expressions affect my team’s attitude?
  • How does my attitude impact their responses to me, to each other, and to outside people?
  • And finally, how does my attitude, my mood, and my tone affect their performance?

The answer to all of those is TOTALLY!

If your mood is sour, and your words are harsh, what could you possibly expect from the people you work with?

If you’ve ever started a meeting with the expression, “Okay everybody, I want to see some better attitudes around here!” maybe you should look at the problem rather than the symptom. The remedy to the problem is a simple one. Start with your own attitude.

Whatver you give, you will get.

Starting your day with a YES! Attitude, and communicating those feelings to others is not an option; it’s an opportunity. I hope you’re taking advantage of your legacy opportunity.


KEY POINT OF UNDERSTANDING: You set the tone for your people to follow. If they’re not happy, first look at yourself.

KEY ACTION TO TAKE: Read my Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude. TWICE. (This is NOT a commercial; it’s my best recommendation for you to expose your attitude to yourself, which is a critical part of the 360 criteria. My book breaks down how to understand attitude, how to make a game plan for self-improvement, and how to achieve a YES! Attitude and keep it for a lifetime.)

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