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If you need content to add to your existing coaching practice…
If you need content to add to your existing training business…
If you have ever wanted to become a sales trainer, coach, or consultant…
If you have ever wanted to use my material and my name in your training…
If you have ever wanted to work for yourself…

… For the first time ever, I am licensing all of my intellectual property both online and in the classroom, and offering a training and reseller position called, “Gitomer Certified Advisor”. And you can become one!

Twenty years worth of my bestselling books, webinars, videos, online, and classroom programs are part of the package. All of my amazingly successful and real-world work will be made available to you as one of my personally trained and certified advisors.

Once you have completed the certification process, you can announce your new title and offer all of my material using my name to promote it, use it, sell it, and make a fortune with it (as I have).

Become one of my first “charter advisors” by simply clicking your reply button or call my friendly, helpful office. To get complete details, you will have a one-on-one phone call with me or one of our great people.

NOTE WELL: After this charter offer is closed, the initial fee for becoming a Gitomer Certified Advisor will increase substantially.

• If you want to be a sales trainer, you can begin by using my name and all of my intellectual property by becoming Certified Gitomer Advisor.
• If you’re a coach or a speaker and want to add my dynamic sales-changing and life-changing content to your clients and prospective clients, you can now do it by becoming a Certified Gitomer Advisor.
• If you want to be in business for yourself and have unlimited income based on my world-wide proven sales and business strategies, you can do it by becoming a Certified Gitomer Advisor.
• If you would like to add my intellectual property to your training department or training company, you can do it by becoming a Certified Gitomer Advisor.

This is the opportunity a lifetime.

I have never been so excited to make an offer to my loyal followers – and I promise you’ll be more excited than I am once you see it.

Email for more information!


704-333-1112 (call if you just can’t wait!)

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  1. Ross Fraser says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I have enjoyed your books and audios.

    I have only just subsrcibed to your weekly update, but as indicated in your audios you have been doing them for many years so there are possibly 1000’s of them

    Have you (can you) put the best 365 of them and make them into a daily sales reader. John Maxwell produced something similar (different topic).

    If you had a ebook of them out now and available on ibooks which we can buy using itunes rather than credit cards, I would be buying it today.

    Any thoughts of taking your Certified Advisors to Australia?

    Kind regards,

    Ross Fraser

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