Are you ready to win the sale? I doubt it!

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*An Excerpt From Jeffrey’s Book, The Sale Re-defined

sales strategyThe sale is more than you think it is. Your job is to be ready for it.

But the sale today is no longer the traditional product knowledge, sales pitch, find the pain, ask self-serving questions, show your boring presentation, use some uncomfortable closing technique, have an incomplete CRM, send a proposal, have your calls go unreturned, and lose on price crap you’ve been experiencing.

After 45 years of selling all over the world, and 20 years of writing about every aspect of sales and life, it dawned on me that my definition of the sale is way different from my peers, people in corporate training, and yours.

Selling in the real world isn’t defined in Webster’s Dictionary. It’s not a page on Wikipedia. Rather, it’s a series of elements that when understood, applied, and mastered are the essence of success.

It’s not a “secret.” It’s certainly not a manipulative or complex system. Rather, it’s a strategy and a process that exists in no particular order – and is easy to believe in, assimilate, and execute.

You are completely in charge of it – or should I say responsible for it. In the BIG PICTURE of selling, you have complete control as long as you master the elements.

sales bookOnce you finish this book, you’ll have a completely new outlook on your selling process, your goals, your sales plan, your “closing” strategy, your presentation skills, your proposals, the jackass in purchasing, finding the real decision-maker, earning trust, and building loyal relationshipsbased on value. (Whew!)

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