8.5 Qualities of a Sales Leader. How Many Have You Got?

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1. Maintain a positive attitude…Solution oriented. Action oriented. People oriented. A leader’s enthusiasm is contagious. If you get too close, you can catch a serious case of success.
2. Embrace change…Change is certain. Followers tend to resist change. It is the mark of a leader to welcome change and take advantage of the opportunity it presents.
3. Deploy courage…Douglas MacArthur said, “”Courage is just fear that holds out a little longer.”” Good advice. George Patton said, “”I don’t take counsel from my fears.”” Good advice. Leaders choose courage. (Dan Taylor wrote a great article on “”Courage”” in the Business Journal. Call him for a copy at 704/335–8762.)
4. Take a risk…The biggest risk is to never take one. One of the hallmarks of success is the willingness to risk. Leaders are determined to win or try again.
5. Listen…Listen with the intent to understand. Leaders listen to learn. Your prospects know their needs and they know what’s happening on the front lines of their business. Just listen.
6. Communicate…Leaders set the example for open communication. Use their heads. Say what they feel. Speak from their heart.
7. Delegate and Empower…Leaders share responsibility. They don’t dictate, they set examples for others to follow. Leaders encourage growth in others by challenging them to take new responsibility, encouraging them to succeed, and supporting them if they fail. Leaders understand that mistakes are lessons on the way to success.
8. Understand others, yourself and your situation…Leaders understand the importance of an open, inquisitive mind. A constant quest for knowledge brings greater understanding.
8.5 Commitment…Commitment is the catalyst that makes all the other leadership qualities a reality. Daily rededication to commitment is the difference between leaders and would be leaders.

Rate yourself between one and ten in those 8.5 areas. If your score is under 80 (highest possible 90), you need help.

Whether you lead your company, lead your sales team, or lead your peers, how you employ and implement your leadership skills will determine your leadership success.



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  1. Dear Jeffrey,

    I think one of the most hotly discussed points here would be “#4: Take a risk”. I prefer the ‘controlled risk’ version, meaning: while I think it is not possible and necessary to plan everything to the last detail, I do think it makes sense to minimize risk.

    Taking a risk means, in the end: take action. Minimizing risk means that I am already taking action towards the achievement of my goals, or definite chief aim, for that matter. And as we know: taking action is what it’s all about in the end :)

    Best regards from Greece,

  2. Jeffrey,

    GREAT post as always! I am very interested in getting a copy of Dan Taylor’s “Courage” article and called the number in the post and found to my dismay that the number is not in service. Do you have a current number to reach him at?

    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!



    • Thank you Rick! I am trying to find his current information. I apologize for the misinformation! If I can locate it, I will get back to you!



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