5.5 Elements To Think About When Presenting

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Your ability to present a compelling, believable, enthusiastic, value-driven message is the difference between yes and no, understanding and confusion, acceptance or rejection, and even approval or denial.

In the beginning of a presentation, there are 5.5 elements that determine whether a sale will be made or not:

1. Rapport. Putting yourself on the same side of the fence with the probable purchaser. Finding something in common.

2. Need. Determining what the probable purchaser deems as the factors that will influence their motivation to listen and understand with the intent to purchase.

3. Importance. The weight that a probably purchaser assigns to a product, feature, benefit, price, or time frame.

4. Confidence. Your ability to gain credibility. Your ability to remove all doubt. Your ability to gain comfort that the risk of purchase will be less than the reward of ownership.

5. Value transferred. Your ability to get the probable purchaser to perceive that he gains the most value by buying your product or service AND you are the most valuable person to buy it from.

5.5 Enthusiasm. Your belief, your attitude, and your passion in presenting your message makes it attractive enough to act upon.

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