Two Words to Change Your Thinking and Success: Andy Horner

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Andy Horner is the CEO of Ace of Sales, father of four boys, husband of 1 wife, and an all around busy guy. As you can imagine, his list of goals is lengthy, but his list of resolutions is short – make that non-existent. Andy has figured out what it takes to get from goal to achievement, and he’s done it in typical Andy Horner inspirational style.

Here’s his re-thinking on New Years Resolutions:

I’m the only person I know who has ever kept a New Year’s Resolution. That’s because a while ago I made a resolution to never again make a New Year’s Resolution.

Instead of a resolution, each year I commit to a New Year’s Kickstart!

Here’s the idea:
You start your year off with a big success by completing a relatively quick turnaround project that you’ve been putting off. It could be a website, blog, newsletter, new mini-business, or a presentation or webinar you’ve been wanting to complete.

It’s Your Spark Plug:
Whatever your project, your New Year’s Kickstart should be the spark that ignites your bigger picture strategy for the year.

Difficulty: Hard:
For your project, it’s best to choose something that will push you. Get out of your comfort zone! But avoid a challenge that’s too grandiose. I don’t want your Kickstart to end in a New Year’s Frustration.

Done in 2 Weeks:
It should be something you can knock out quickly. One of the reasons New Year’s Resolutions fail is that the commitment, like losing weight, takes too long to yield results. (If you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of an instant-gratification world now.)

I like the 2 week mark. It’s enough time to get most projects finished. It’s short enough to maintain focus. And it means you begin your year with an achievement to fuel you.

Last Year:
My New Year’s Kickstart project in 2012 was to launch my personal website and develop my own personal logo. I did it! Check it out at It gave me a huge slingshot effect for the entire year. I received compliments and a number of subscribers.

Ugh! However, about the middle part of the year, I stopped updating it because other projects took my time. I hate that I haven’t kept it up and I’ve lost momentum, readers, and activity as a result.

This Year:
This year, I want to relaunch, with a renewed focus on content and value I want to personally offer to my readers and followers. However, that WILL NOT be my New Year’s Kickstart project.

2 Reasons Why:
1. Because my strategy for this year is to offer more value and services to Ace of Sales customers first. (Not my personal followers first.)
2. Because I always want my New Year’s Kickstart to be something new and challenging for me. (More of a personal thing, than a recommendation.)

My 2013 New Year’s Kickstart Project!
This year, my Kickstart project is to build a simple video studio that I can use to create more engaging content for Ace of Sales customers. Nothing too fancy or extravagant. I want to use tools and techniques anyone else can copy. However, I want the video quality to be professional – that’s key!

Simple Video Studio.

That’s it. I have 2 weeks.

I’ll document my progress for you as I go.

I’m challenged. Are you?

Do it with me!
Last year, I challenged YOU to join my little movement to trade your Resolution for a Kickstart with my first ever “New Year’s Kickstart Challenge!” We had a winner and a prize!

You have 2 weeks starting today to finish your New Year’s Kickstart Project before I announce the completion of mine – my simple video studio on my birthday exactly 2 weeks from today – January 28!

The prize: A free annual Ace of Sales account, a complete signed set of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Books, and bragging rights!

The criteria: Your project has to be business related. The winner will be chosen by me on purely subjective terms. In other words, which ever one makes me smile the widest. (The winner’s name and project will be posted here on the Ace of Sales blog!)

Who can enter: Anyone! (Not just Ace of Sales customers.)

How to enter: First, commit to The Challenge in the comments below by stating your New Year’s Kickstart project.

1. Go here and fill out the form

2. Then, send me an email ( by 12PM EST (noon) on January 28, 2013.

Your email must include an attachment or link to show me your completed project or a detailed description of it. In your email, tell me all about why you chose the project, your strategy behind it, and what you hope it will do for you. (I love the juicy details.)

I’ll be announcing the completion of my New Year’s Kickstart Project the afternoon of January 28th. To be eligible to win The Challenge, email me before noon Eastern Time.

Who will be The Champ of my 2nd Annual New Year’s Kickstart Challenge!

I’m pulling for YOU!

Follow me on Twitter @andyhorner to keep track of my progress and ideas for you.

Try Ace of Sales for 30 days.

Happy New Year!

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