23.5 Characteristics of Trusted and Trustworthy People

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From my personal life experiences, here are 23.5 characteristics that I have discovered in other people that have led me to trust them:

1. To get trust, first give trust.

2. Surprise (genuine) helps leads to trust.

3. Trust grows slowly over time.

4. Giving value first leads to trust.

5. Questions that differentiate, especially in matters of money, lead to trust.

6. Competency and superior skill leads to trust.

7. Straight-forward truth leads to trust.

8. Creativity leads to trust.

9. WOW! leads to trust.

10. Giving trust leads to getting trust.

11. Superior knowledge and genuine help lead to trust.

12. Superior service leads to trust.

13. Understanding leads to trust.

14. Willingness to help leads to trust.

15. Truth and honest dealings lead to trust.

16. Respect and reliability lead to trust.

17. Desire to serve with a grateful heart leads to trust.

18. Dedication to serving and enlightening others based on heartfelt belief leads to trust.

19. Random acts of kindness and the desire to do the best job possible lead to trust.

20. Accurate advice over time and friendship without condition or expectation lead to trust.

21. Superior performance with passion over time leads to trust.

22. Dedication to personal excellence and mastery of a craft leads to trust.

23. Friendship based on respect, mutual admiration, truth, and fun leads to trust.

23.5 I trust myself first.

Study this list, and add to it. I hope it helps you become a more trustworthy person, and helps you find trustworthy people to connect with in life.

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