10.5 Sales Success Super Powers You Possess Right Now

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Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Super Powers

Use these powers and take advantage of them to build sales, build relationships, build referrals, earn testimonials, and achieve the sales success that you are striving for…

1. The power of a positive attitude. The way you dedicate yourself to the way you think creates the foundation for your entire life. Sales is part of your life and requires a positive attitude as fundamental and foundational to success.

2. The power of daily attitude actions. These are actions that you take both in your favor and in the favor of others. They’re not just positive; they’re powerful. Attitude actions create sales actions.

3. The power of belief. Belief in who you work for, what you’re selling, your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitor, and belief in yourself create the four cornerstones that enable your belief to be transferred to the customer.

4. The power of self-confidence. The power of self-confidence comes from thinking about past wins, and thinking about past accomplishments. Those thoughts become your inner confidence builder and manifest themselves in the self-confident appearance.

5. The power of thinking YES! The difference between thinking you can and thinking you cannot, will determine outcome and fate. KEY: Think yes to get yes.

6. The power of keeping conversational control. Salespeople have very little idea about what it takes to keep control of the sales conversation. The answer is in one word: ASK. When you ask you’re in control of the conversation. When the customer asks you, you have given up control. Control keeps you on the path to the sale. Want more control? Easy! Ask more questions.

7. The power of preparation. Most salespeople make the fatal mistake of only preparing in terms of themselves, when in fact the customer only cares about him or herself. They want ideas, value, and answers – not your canned slideshow. They want to know how THEY win. Why not spend twice as much time preparing in terms of the customer? Preparation determines outcome.

8. The power of creativity. Creativity is a science, and you can learn it. It’s based on the perspective from which you see things. And once you begin to see things a little bit differently than others, you’ll become more creative. Your customer wants to know why and how you’re different from your competition. Creativity makes it evident.

9. The power of being memorable. For years I have said, “Find something personal. Do something memorable.” It’s all about a random act of kindness that has a direct emotional trigger to the heart of the customer. Whatever it is, it must relate to the customer and their passion. Whatever it is, it has to have a WOW impact.

10. The power of value. My mantra is, “Give value first.” That way the customer forms an impression of you that’s both positive and powerful. The more value you provide, the more powerful you will become, and the more sales you will make. And just so we understand the word value, it’s preceded by the word “perceived.” If the customer perceives value, then it is.

10.5 The power of opportunity. The most important realization in sales and selling is the one you give to yourself. You do not have a job. You have an opportunity. An opportunity to earn while you’re learning. An opportunity to earn based on your results. And an opportunity to grow without limits. If you look at your present position as an opportunity, then all barriers and all negatives will fall by the wayside as you challenge yourself to be your best regardless of your circumstance, regardless of your boss, regardless of the marketplace, and regardless of any obstacle that is in your way. I challenge you to take full advantage of your opportunity.

Attitude is everything. I have created a page of ideas to get your attitude rolling in the right direction. Get the ideas right here!

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