YOU Can Affect YOU the Easiest.

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FingerPointingThe easiest way to achieve success at anything is: only work on the things that you can affect.

If you take responsibility for your success, you have a chance.

The opposite of responsibility is: BLAME. If you blame others, the end result is, no change in circumstances.

If you take responsibility for what you say, what you learn, how you act, and what you expose yourself to, then have the best chance for self-success.

This simple truth will get you further than any other: I am responsible for me.

If you will focus 90% (or more) of your effort on the things you can affect — on the things you can make better, on the people you can influence, on the things you can change — then “all of a sudden” you will start to improve — AND THEN things will improve.

I wish you every success… but you have to make it happen on your own.

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Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinar Series

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Breakthrough Ideas in Training

Want to Improve Your Training Knowledge and Value?

I am excited to be one of the 20+ training professionals who have been invited to present webinars in June and July, as part of Tortal Training’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars – Look Smart. Get Results. All the presenters are sought-after consultants, speakers and experts in different training specialties.

Have you ever wanted to sit down with 20 of the industry leading experts in training and development to understand what they think, and hear them tell you how you can improve your game? Well, that’s what this series does and we want share that with you. This program is about you and for you and is about your learning and your development.

CLICK HERE to explore the entire program, and take advantage of the many amazing interviews that are coming up.

There is no charge to attend. Sign up now and receive FREE my Little Ebook of Listening.

Your Take-Aways:

What will I be talking about in my webinar? Here are some of the topics that I plan to explore.

•    Selling
•    Attitude
•    Loyalty
•    Relationships

I hope to see you at Breakthrough Ideas in Training – Look Smart. Get Results.

Yours in training,

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