Follow Up or Follow Through?

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The Real Test of a Successful Sales Professional.

The average sale takes a matter of hours. And that’s where 95% of sales training is focused. Not good.

After a customer purchases, that’s when USE of product or service begins, and that’s where 95% of their time is spent.

• What are you doing to create loyalty?
• What are you doing to create word-of-mouth advertising?
• What are you doing to create value in the mind of the customer?
• What are you doing to create memorable moments?
• What is your social media presence that focuses on customer communication and interaction?
• What are you doing to create and ensure reorders?
• What are you doing to earn referrals?
• What are you doing to build a value-based relationship after the sale?
• What are you doing to ensure it’s easy to do business with you?
• What are you doing to ensure that everyone who answers your phone is happy, friendly, and helpful?
• What type of customer service and customer loyalty training are you doing that ensures consistent, positive, helpful responses?

ANSWER: Nothing or not enough.

What can you do and what should you be doing to make certain that you are keeping the customers you have in a manner that THEY value? Or better stated: What happens after the sale?

Join me and special guest, Andy Horner, in my Follow Up or Follow Through Webinar on Feb 19 for the answers to all of these questions and more.



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New SELL or DIE Podcast Channel

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You’re either selling or dying. The Sell or Die podcast stars bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer and LinkedIn expert and Sales in a New York Minute founder Jennifer Gluckow. They explore a wide range of topics on selling and personal development with thought provoking leaders, creators and thinkers.

Sell or Die Podcast

Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow share their sales and personal development knowledge in their weekly podcast, Sell or Die. We’ve renamed the podcast Sell or Die because in today’s world of constant change there is still one constant, you’re either selling or dying.

Social media expert Josh Coffy from Flight Media joins us to discuss the changes coming to Twitter, how to take advantage of it and how to maximize your engagement online with social media in order to make more sales. Jeffrey sits down with prospecting genius Jeb Blount from to discuss cold calling, offering value, positioning yourself as an expert and trusted resource and much more.

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