Happy Birthday, Gitomer Certified Advisor Program!

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One year ago, I could not have imagined the wonderful people I would meet as a result of the Gitomer Certified Advisor Program.  At our first workshop, representatives from 10 different countries showed up with enthusiasm and motivation. We welcomed a mix of seasoned entrepreneurs, corporate sales trainers, professional speakers, coaches, trainers, and brand new business owners.

Since that inaugural weekend in Charlotte, we have hosted three additional workshops and have another one scheduled in 2015.  We now have advisors in 20 countries around the globe and the momentum of this program continues to grow.

By delivering my classroom workshops and earning recurring revenue with my virtual training, these advisors are helping to solidify my legacy in the marketplace.  I am honored; I am humbled; and I am grateful.

Happy Birthday, Gitomer Certified Advisor Program.

Here’s to our continued growth and success!


Interested in becoming a Gitomer Certified Advisor? Please visit gitomercertifiedadvisors.com or contact our office at 704-333-1112 for more details.

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How to REALLY make sales

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Everyone in sales wants to learn how to sell their product or service better. And everyone is wrong.

Oh sure, selling skills are an integral part of the selling process, and occasionally have to be employed. But understanding and mastering the other elements of a “sale” will get you further, quicker, and with a greater profit. Attitude, presentation skills, belief and love of what you do will go miles farther than mere selling skills.

Over the last decade I have drifted away from “how to sell,” and concentrated my writing and training efforts on “why people buy.”  To further these efforts, I’m teaming up with Melinda Emerson, the “Small Biz Lady”, to bring you a free five-part webinar series called, “How to Really Make Sales.” During this series we will cover:

  • how to outperform the competition
  • how to network in ways that bring in sales
  • how to make the hardest parts of selling the easiest parts
  • how to build rock-solid relationships with your audience and the influencers of your audience.

The Webinar dates are as follows:

Thursday Oct. 30 @ 1pm: How to attract customers

Thursday Nov. 6 @ 1pm: How to network and make an appointment

Wednesday Nov. 12 @ 1pm: How to make a sales call

Thursday Nov. 20 @ 1pm: How to close a sale

Thursday Dec. 4th @ 1pm: How to build a relationship

*All will be Live on Gotomeeting at 1pm and replay at 4pm and 7pm that same day.

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

  1. Visit this link: http://www.getsales14.com
  2. Enter your first name in the registration box
  3. Enter your email address beneath that.
  4. Attend all five FREE sessions on attracting the right clients and customers into your business.

You know my trademarked sales mantra: People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. This powerful phrase plays a major role in understanding the “aha!” of the importance of uncovering the motive to buy.

When you have found a motive, you have also come to an understanding. A rapport. A common ground.

Register here: http://www.getsales14.com.

Note well. We only have 1,000 spots open for this series, so don’t waste time thinking about it – just sign up.


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