15 Things I Wish I Learned Sooner by Martin Rooney

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Hello Warriors,
When my TFW Certification finished in Helsinki, Finland on Sunday, I realized the attendees had been misled.  They believed the content they purchased was a result of my greatest successes, but it was actually produced by my worst mistakes.
When I teach the 2-Day TFW Cert, I am reminded of the errors I made in both training and life. For example, I over-trained myself and my athletes and have a number of injuries to look back on as proof. I also over fed and under fed myself and my clients. I have been responsible for wins, but have played a role in the losses too. Due to the mistakes, it would have been easier to quit and do something else. Instead of giving up, I learned from these mistakes and moved onward.  In an effort to help you move forward faster in the face of failure, here is a list of 15 Things I Wish I Learned Sooner:
1. I wish I spent more time deciding what I wanted from life.  Figure out your passion and purpose.  Don’t wait until 30 or 40 to find out.  Chances are the people that figured it out earlier already have your dream house, job and oh yeah, your dream girl or guy too.
2. I wish I had learned being excited for other people’s successes will get you ahead faster than only being excited for your own.  Take time to hear what people think. You won’t ever get called a jerk for listening too much.
3. I wish I paid more attention to the affect food had on me.  Some foods made me drowsy and others gave me a throat full of phlegm. I thought it was “normal.”  Now it’s called “allergy.”  Start figuring how foods are affecting you.
4.  I wish I saved more money.  Get a financial planner, an IRA going and invest.  Don’t wait until you’re married and someone else is counting on you.  Regardless if you have much money or not, put some away.  That motorcycle sounds cool, but 20 years from now that money could be 100K in your bank.
5. I wish I would have known raw eggs, margarine, diet soda, Cap’n Crunch and most things with “Light,” “Healthy,” or “part of a nutritious diet” weren’t good for me.  Newsflash: just because you are training hard doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want.
6. I wish I followed my instincts more. Listen to that knot in your gut.  If you think she might not be the right girl, she probably isn’t.  Same goes for your job.  Of all the voices you hear, your own may be the wisest and hardest in which to listen.
7. I wish I had been more coach-able.  Welcome feedback. Just like alcohol on a scrape, criticism will be painful at first, but by cleaning the areas of your life of problems you can’t see, you’ll be better off.  And the people giving you the feedback are usually trying to help you out.
8. I wish I wrote down exactly what I wanted.  Set Goals.  If you don’t write out your goals, getting older will only take you further from the goals you don’t have.  Spend more time planning out where your life is going than planning where you are going this Friday night.
9. I wish I started my “private” university earlier. Build your library and read.  20 pages a night 5 days a week turns into 100 books in 5 years.  100 books in 5 years turns you into an expert…in anything.
10. I wish I learned the true power of a thank you.  Since I have adopted a much better and authentic “attitude of gratitude,” my life has been much smoother.  Hint: send a card or gift to someone that deserves it today.
11. I wish I used my downtime better.  Speaking of “too busy,” never say you are.  24 hours is a long time to get your stuff done and still have fun.  If you say you are too busy to get your job done, enough sleep and a workout, you aren’t busy, you are insane.
12. I wish I had been less concerned with what everyone else thought about me.  A thick skin isn’t just important for your hands when working out.  It is also critical when people offer opinions of you.  The fastest way to be unhappy is to worry about making everybody else happy. Stay true to yourself.
13. I wish I had laughed even more.  Make sure to laugh everyday.  Learn to speak the language of serious-fun.  As it implies, get the serious stuff done, but make sure you have fun too.  In this battle called life, humor is your heaviest artillery.
14. I wish I realized the world is “service” oriented.  Serve others. You will learn that it is not about what you get, but what you give back that really counts.
15.  I wish I didn’t wish as much and took more action.  The world is reserved for the people that do something.  If any items on this list resonated with you, start taking action on them immediately.  You will not reach greatness because of wishes. You get there with consistent action.  

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During my journey in the martial arts, I learned the Black Belt is not the person that doesn’t make any mistakes, he or she is the person that made all of the mistakes and learned not to make them anymore.  The road to success is not a comfortable journey. There will be obstacles from which to overcome and learn. Your ability to move forward in the face of these failures will determine the person you become.
Your Obstacle is Your Path,
Martin Rooney

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CLOSING THE SALE: It’s not the close, it’s the open.

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Can’t close a sale?

It’s not because you need closing skills. It’s because you need selling skills. Or better stated relationship building skills, questioning skills, and communication skills.

Every salesperson wants to know how to “close a sale.” Even more want to know why they can’t close some specific sale. They write me, they call me, they get frustrated, they buy books on the subject, they try, they get rejected, they get stalled, and of course they get lied to by their prospects.

In short, they (you) can’t complete the sale.

If you don’t close the sale, you don’t make a dime. Invest a few dimes in my Close the Sale webinar and turn them into dollars.

Register HERE.

Here’s a clue. Forget closing tactics. They’re worn. They’re awkward. They’re manipulative. And they don’t put you in a very “professional” light.

Here’s a bigger clue: What you have failed to uncover is the prospect’s motive to buy what you’re selling.

Here’s the biggest clue: You’re looking for a tactic when what you really need is a better strategy.

Here are 4.5 self-evaluations and idea-generators that will put your inability to close in the proper perspective.

1. Start with questions that make the prospect consider new information:
— Question them about the specific value of what you sell.
— Ask them what happened the last time they purchased what you sell.
— Ask them how a purchase will impact their profit or productivity.

2. Look at the way you present your product or service:
— Is there room for more interaction and feedback?
— Are there times in your (boring) presentation for the prospect to talk?
— What percent of the time does the prospect talk?
— How compelling is your message?
— How polished are your presentation skills?

3. Ask questions that make the prospect look good:
— Ask for their opinion.
— Ask for their feelings.
— Ask for their expertise.
— Ask for the benefit of their experience.

4. Ask for the order in a way that’s “assumptive” rather than “cornering.”

Ask: Assuming we pass this test today, Mr. Jones, when would be the perfect time to begin (deliver)?

4.5 Keep in mind that when your prospect is NOT talking, he or she is formulating impressions and opinions of you and what you sell.

In effect, they are deciding yes or no while you talk.

The more you let THEM talk, the easier it will be to get those feelings and impressions revealed.

Look at it this way. If you talk, you’re selling. If they’re talking they’re selling themselves.

If you still insist on a “close” try this one: “Mr. Jones, is there anything else you need to know before I enter your order?” The prospect will say “no” and you respond, GREAT!

The point of this lesson is: Not being able to close is NOT a problem. It’s a symptom. The problem is: you have presented poorly or you have created barriers, or you haven’t uncovered the motives to buy, or all three.

My bet? All three.

If “not closing” is a symptom, you have to look at your selling process from the beginning, to find out where the problems or barriers are. If you do, you’ll find out where the opportunities are to solidify a purchase BEFORE you get to the closing of the presentation.

It seems so logical to complete a sale during the presentation rather than the end. Why then, doesn’t everyone do this?

One reason, is that it takes more preparation, more personalized information, more self-study before the presentation. Another is because many of the people who teach sales are still stuck in the 70’s.

But by far, the biggest reason is that you, the supposed master salesperson, are unwilling to change your backwards pattern of: gain rapport, probe, present, overcome, and close. As long as you feel the need to close, you will be stuck there.

Maybe if you took a different view. One where you measured success from the front of the sales process rather than the end. Walk in. Tell the prospect that you feel he should buy from you and that you’ll make a presentation to confirm it. Then tell the prospect “If at any time during my talk that you decide NOT to buy, just ring this bell (gong) — if you don’t ring, I expect at the end you’ll sign the contract. Is that fair enough?”

As far-fetched as this may sound to you, I ASSURE you that it beats trying to “close” times 100. Stop thinking “close” and establish a strategy throughout your presentation that generates a “buy.”

If your “open” isn’t compelling, then your “closing” will be elusive.

Want more information on closing the sale? REGISTER NOW.


Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling and 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling. His books are now available as online courses at www.GitomerVT.com. For information about training and seminars visit www.Gitomer.com or www.GitomerCertifiedAdvisors.com, or email Jeffrey personally at salesman@gitomer.com.

© 2015 All Rights Reserved – Don’t even think about reproducing this document without written permission from Jeffrey H. Gitomer and Buy Gitomer, Inc.

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