Sales Words and Phrases to Avoid at All Costs!

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Create a new way to ask for the sale.

My friend Mitchell Kearney is the best commercial photographer in this region. When shooting a subject he never says “smile”. That’s got to be a major obstacle if you’re a photographer. He says it makes him more creative to ask his subject for a smile without ever saying the word. I’ve looked at hundreds of his photos… most are smiling, so it seems his philosophy works. He avoids the trite, insincere word that separates the professional from the amateur.

How do you ask your customers to smile and buy today? Are you using words that offend the prospect? Are you using words that create confidence or ruin it? Are you projecting “I’m only here for the order?”

If you want the sale, you often must use superior word crafting to avoid sounding like an insincere salesperson. And if you sound like one, you probably are.

Words and phrases to avoid

Frankly… a word that sounds insincere. All sales courses recommend dropping this word from your vocabulary.

Quite frankly… a double dose of the dreaded frankly. It makes me very suspect of the person who says it.

Honestly… a word that is almost always followed with a lie.

And I mean that… No you don’t. This is probably as insincere a phrase as has been turned in the English language.

Are you prepared to order today?… Give me a break. This is an offensive, stupid, turn–off, phrase. There are one hundred better ways to ask a prospect what his feelings are, or when he wants to order.

How are you doing today?… When you hear this on the phone, you immediately think “What are you selling, jerk?”

Can I help you with something?… The universal anthem of all retail sales clerks. You’d think after 100 years of retail, they might have something more creative and customer service oriented to say.

My experience has shown me that if you have to say it, you probably aren’t. Think about that for a moment. I’m honest, I’m ethical, even I’m the boss, or I’m in charge, usually indicates just the opposite.

The challenge is for you to rededicate yourself to helping or satisfying the needs of the customer or prospect. Your words and actions are often the difference between getting a yes or no. How do you do it? You have to work at it. Practice. But have faith, the results are certain to make you smile.

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Jeffrey Gitomer Featured in Forbes on Social Media

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jeffrey gitomer in forbes on social selling

One hundred years ago, some clown was sitting on the fence of his farm. He was grumbling about the fact that this new device called the phone was destroying communication and that he didn’t have time for it. If someone wants to talk to him, they will come meet him face to face. He would opine, “The only kind of business is business done face-to-face and if you can’t see a mans eyes there is no reason to talk.” Yeah, there was that guy.

Then that guy and the world stopped complaining. They got it. The phone was an efficient tool for communicating.

Read the full post. Find out how Jeffrey got into social media.

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