It’s Thanksgiving. Give Thanks, or Say Thanks?

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It’s Thanksgiving! It’s the coolest holiday of the year to me. I love Thanksgiving. Food, family, you name it. It’s a time to be thankful.
But I want to challenge you on the way that you’re thankful, and I want to give you some things to think about during this holiday season – the kickoff to the holiday season, Thanksgiving. (or is it now Halloween?)
I don’t want you to just be thankful for things. I also want you to thank. Thank people. Not be thankful for something, rather be thankful for someone.  And don’t thank them by email and don’t give some insincere Thanksgiving card to people and think you’ve gotten away with it.
You thank people on the phone if they’re far away. Not with a voicemail but person-to-person. If they’re far away that’s sometimes the only way you can thank them.  And you thank people in-person if they’re in your marketplace or in your area.
Here’s a list of people to be thankful for and to personally thank:
• Your customers. Without them you’d have no money.
• Your co-workers because without them there would be no team or family of people to help your customers win.
• The people of influence in your life because those are the people that have actually created the atmosphere for you to become successful.
• Your prospective customers. Thank them for the opportunity.
• Your vendors. They’re the people who have actually made it happen in your business.
• Your close business friends because they’re the ones that have given you the referrals.
• And then there’s family. Start with your extended family, the big picture of who your family is all the way out there to those distant relatives.
• Then thank each member of your immediate family. You know the ones who really mean a lot to you. The ones you really love.
And around your Thanksgiving table, prepare a short talk about the gratefulness and the gratitude that you have for all the people that surround you. Tell them how you really feel. Use the words “love” and “appreciate.” Thank each one personally for something that happened, or something they did for you, or something you learned from them during the past year.
Thanking other people for something makes them feel great – but it makes you feel better than great.
Here’s the secret: Early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, begin the day by thanking yourself. Go in the bathroom, look into mirror, and thank yourself.
Be thankful for the lessons that you’ve learned, the successes that you’ve had, and the issues that you’ve had to overcome during the year. Be thankful for your family. And while I recognize some people in your family are closer than others, on this day be thankful for all of them.  And be extra thankful for the ones that you really share genuine love with.
Thanksgiving is not a holiday, and it certainly isn’t the day before Black Friday, and it definitely isn’t three days before Cyber Monday.
Thanksgiving is your day. A celebration day. A family day. It’s the day where you come to the realization of who you are and how thankful you are. A day to celebrate who you have become. And a day to acknowledge others who have helped you become who you are.
And for all of you who are reading this, I’m thankful and grateful for you, my customer. Thank you for your contribution to my business success and thank you for your loyalty, your continued loyalty, to my message.
I’m going to make you a promise. 2016 is going to be an amazing year. All you have to do is show up and work hard. Give thanks for that. Celebrate that.


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12.5 Rules to Observe to Maximize your Listening Skills…

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1. Don’t interrupt. (But…but…but)

2. Ask questions. Then be quiet. Concentrate on listening to understand.

3. Prejudice will distort what you hear. Listen without prejudging.

4. Don’t jump to the answer before you hear the ENTIRE situation.

5. Listen for purpose, details, and conclusions.

6. Active listening involves interpreting.

7. Listen to what is not said. Implied is often more important than spoken.

8. Think between sentences.

9. Digest what is said (and not said) before engaging your mouth.

10. Demonstrate you are listening by taking action.

11. Ask questions to be sure you understood what was said or meant.

12. Ask questions to be sure the speaker said all he/she wanted to say.

12.5 When you stop listening because you’re SURE you know the answer BEFORE the other person is finished talking…

Your answer is usually wrong.

A Few Listening Skill Building Ideas — Shhh…

· Look right at the person you’re listening to.

· Focus your attention on the words and their meaning.

· Limit distractions (even change locations to listen better).

· Visualize the situation in your mind’s eye.

· Visualize your response or solution before responding.

· Listen with an open mind.

· Listen to the content – not necessarily how it’s being delivered.

· Use occasional listening noises… wow, gosh, then what, really, that’s horrible, great, that’s too bad, I didn’t know that, I see, gee.

· Write things down as others are speaking.

· Verify the situation (sometimes) before giving feedback.

· Qualify the situation with questions before giving feedback or responding.

· Don’t interrupt the next time you think you know the answer.

· Go for an hour without speaking.

· Next time you eat with a group, don’t talk for the first half hour.

· Ask questions to clarify — to show interest or concern — to learn.

The only person who loses by poor listening skills is you! Are you listening?

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