What do you do when workplace “change” happens?

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For most people, “change” is a mixture of what was, what used to be, what is present, what I’m being faced with now, what I believe the future holds, and what I have to change to face that future.

In short, how does this change affect me, my family, my lifestyle, and my position?

That’s a hell of a lot to think about, and that’s why change is so perplexing, so resisted, and often so fought against.

The answer to this age-old problem was discovered more than a thousand years ago and has been hidden. When Socrates said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” he was giving you (and me) the wisdom of his ages, and a thousand years later it is still wisdom of our ages.

SOCRATES REALITY INTERPRETATION: The more you can concentrate your thoughts and actions on what will be tomorrow, the easier it will be for you to accept today, adapt to today, and the less likely you are to dwell on what was.

GITOMER INTERPRETATION: Add “forward” to the word “change” and when something changes, think, CHANGE FORWARD.

Known as “drinking fountain conversation” or “pity parties,” many people, not you of course, spend 74% or more of their time griping, whining, blaming, and lamenting any sort of change. None of these elements will productively move you forward as a person, and all of these elements will keep your mind closed to what your new potential or opportunity might be.

Just so we’re clear, there are 3 predominant types of change to deal with:

1. Business or career change – which could also affect revenue.

2. Family change – both positive and negative. We have a new child. I’m getting a divorce. My mother died. I’m getting married.

3. Personal change – which can be affected by business and family changes, but can also be an issue relating to neither. Think: health and finances.

In order to effectively deal with any change in your life, I recommend that you take a different perspective on looking at it. Mine has always been to look at the circumstance and call it opportunity rather than call it change. That automatically makes you look towards the future. That automatically makes you look at what could be positive. And that automatically, points you in a direction of forward to what’s next, rather than backward to what was. In other words: Change forward.

When I say “opportunity” you immediately think of something good, and subliminally in your mind, you might think, “How can I best take advantage of this opportunity?” rather than thinking, “oh crap the sky has fallen.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Having a five-year-old child in my life has awakened me to kid’s movies and their lessons. I recommend that each of you go out and buy or rent the movieChicken Little. It’s a great lesson and will help you come to the conclusion that the sky is not falling. (I only watch kids movies now. Big lessons.)

The next action is for you to identify what the opportunity is, in writing. When you write things down, clarity almost immediately occurs. Writing down what happened will help you understand why it happened and no matter if that why was good or bad, it is now the new reality. Once you’ve identified the history, you have to list at least a dozen good things that can happen as a result of it. The first few will be hard. Especially if there’s any anger or fear attached to your change.

Identifying the opportunities will begin to calm you down and help you realize that with a combination of hope, attitude, and hard work, things will get better.

They did for me. I gave myself permission to move on and move forward. No matter what the change is, keep your eyes and mind open to the opportunity, and keep the faith in yourself.

Don’t fear change, change forward.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling. His new book, 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling is now available as a book and an online course at www.gitomerVT.com. For public event dates and information about training and seminars visit www.gitomer.com or email Jeffrey personally at salesman@gitomer.com.

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A personal “thank you” letter

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Today I’d like to share a personal “thank you” letter that I received from my friends at Carthage College following a Skype call with with their Personal Selling and Sales Management Class. It was a blast!

During our call I shared my concept of what they should do in the real world, outside of just reading the college textbook. You know, real world practice like attending toastmasters, networking at events, etc.  It was a great call and the group was very insightful and engaging. And, while I was the one who received the “thank you” letter, I owe this group a special thanks for their time as well.

Here’s the letter I received:

Greetings Jeffrey,

I would like to thank-you for Skyping into my Personal Selling and Sales Management Class on October 28, 2014. The students and I truly enjoyed your presentation. Sharing your experiences and insights with my students will help prepare them to excel in business when they graduate.

Below are a couple of quotes from the students (sorry it’s a little long, but this is a great group of students and they had a lot to say. Plus I thought you would enjoy reading them):

“Jeffrey’s presentation was great. I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say.”

“WOW! Very entertaining presentation. I learned a lot from someone who is already incredibly successful in sales. It was great to hear a different point of view and compare and contrast what we are learning in the class and from the book”

“After listening to Mr. Gitomer, I now have more confidence going into a sales career. His passion was contagious.”

“I was on the fence about entering the sales profession. After hearing what Jeffrey had to say today, I’m definitely going into sales when I graduate in May.”

“I’m looking forward to having Jeffrey Skype into our class next semester.”

“Today’s presentation from Jeffrey was fantastic! I felt like I received great “insider” information about how to be successful in sales. He certainly knows a lot about sales and loves the profession.”

“I can’t wait to get a copy of his Sales Bible book. I will also buy a copy of his Yes Attitude book.”

I would also like to thank-you for sending a case of The Sales Bible books. I highly recommend the book to all my students that plan on going into sales. I also buy a few copies every year and give them as a graduation gift to some of my high performing students who go into sales. I already have more than 30 students asking for a copy of the book. I guess I will be buying a few dozen more books.

The students and I are excited to have you Skype into the class next semester.

-I had a great time doing this call and would be open to many more like this in the future. If you have a college class that is relevant to sales or leadership and want to set up a Skype call with me, please contact my office at 704-333-1112. 

- Jeffrey


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